We exceeded:
Increasing the number of job opportunities and Income-generating Activities in the fields of Agriculture, livestock fishing, and ,Health.

What We Offer

Improving employment opportunities.

Get help on projects. Propose working groups

Income generation activities

In Agricultural, livestock, fishery and health sectors.

Provide basic skills

and support for (micro)-entrepreneurship for business models.

Online business,

Capacity Building and Digital marketing that grow Business.

Capacity Building and training

for Women and female in business to create opportunity.

⁠Youth integration

and social cohesion bw IDPS and host communities

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About Barre Digital Market

About us

Barre Digital Market provides these below activities:

 Improving employment opportunities

  • Promote job openings and connect job seekers with potential employers.
  • Provide career guidance and counseling services.
  • Offer training programs to enhance job skills and employability

Training and Capacity Building on Information and Social Media Awareness for Ministries and Government Agencies

  • Develop customized training programs tailored to the specific needs and objectives of ministries and government agencies, focusing on enhancing their understanding and utilization of information dissemination and social media platforms for effective communication and public engagement.
  • Facilitate interactive discussions and knowledge-sharing forums where representatives from different ministries and government agencies can exchange ideas, share challenges, and collaborate on joint initiatives to enhance overall communication effectiveness and coordination.
  • Provide ongoing support and mentorship to participants following training sessions, offering guidance, resources, and troubleshooting assistance to help them overcome obstacles and implement lessons learned in their day-to-day responsibilities.
  • Provide comprehensive workshops and seminars covering topics such as social media management, content creation, crisis communication, and online reputation management, equipping participants with the skills and knowledge needed to leverage digital channels for strategic communication purposes.
  • Offer hands-on training sessions on utilizing social media analytics tools, audience segmentation techniques, and data-driven decision-making strategies to optimize the reach and impact of government communications.
  • Incorporate case studies, best practices, and real-world examples to illustrate successful government social media campaigns and communication strategies, enabling participants to learn from practical experiences and apply relevant insights to their work.

Basic skills and support for (micro)-entrepreneurship for business models

  • Offer training on business planning, budgeting, and marketing.
  • Provide mentorship and coaching to help entrepreneurs establish and grow their businesses.
  • Connect entrepreneurs with resources and networks to support their success.

 Visual and photography production

Bare Digital provides high-quality videos and photos. We have photographing journalists who are ready to cover events and high-level visits within Somalia

Capacity building for health workers and income generation activities in agriculture, livestock, fishery and health sectors

  • Conduct training and workshops for healthcare professionals to improve their skills and knowledge.
  • Provide technical assistance and support for agricultural, livestock, and fishery businesses.
  • Facilitate access to financing and markets for small businesses.

Basic skills and support for (micro)-entrepreneurship for business models

  • Offer training on business planning, budgeting, and marketing.
  • Provide mentorship and coaching to help entrepreneurs establish and grow their businesses.


Online business, capacity building, and digital marketing to grow business

  • Develop and maintain an online marketplace for businesses to sell products and services.
  • Offer digital marketing services to help businesses reach new customers and grow their online presence.
  • Provide training on e-commerce and other digital tools to help businesses improve their operations.

Capacity building and training for women in business to create opportunity

  • Offer training and mentorship programs to support women entrepreneurs.
  • Promote women’s participation in business and leadership roles.
  • Advocate for policies and programs that promote gender equality in business.

Youth integration and social cohesion between IDPs and host communities

  • Facilitate dialogue and collaboration between displaced youth and host community members.
  • Provide training and support for youth-led initiatives that promote social cohesion and community development.
  • Advocate for policies and programs that support youth empowerment and participation.
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Barre Digital Market proved me with a series of videos and written materials that teach me how to master Graphic design, from the comfort of my own home. The course includes step-by-step instructions for each exercise, as well as tips on proper form and technique. Additionally, users can access a community forum where they can connect with other platforms and receive support and encouragement throughout their fitness journey. The course is designed to be accessible to learners of all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners, and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.
Elissa John
A Client Learned an online class from Barre Digital Market
Barre Digital Market is simple to use, with clear product descriptions and high-quality photos. I was particularly amazed by the large range of things on offer, which included gym apparel, equipment, and fashion materials, with avoidable costs. It is simple to add things to the cart and complete the checkout procedure with a few clicks. I also enjoyed the quick and dependable shipping, as I received my item within a few days of purchasing it. I strongly recommend Barre Digital Market to anyone searching for a simple and pleasurable internet purchasing experience
Fowzi Hussein:
A client purchased clothing from BDM
I was able to easily navigate the website and find the specific style and size of shoe that I am looking for. The description was clear and allowed me to confidently make the purchase. The checkout process was seamless and secure, ensuring my personal information and payment details were protected. I received my shoes within the estimated delivery time and was pleased with the quality of the product. Overall, Barre Digital Market provided me with a reliable and efficient online shopping experience for my fashion shoe purchase.
Leo Mohamed:
Client Buy fashion shoes for our platform BDM

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Barre Digital Market

Barre Digital Market: Creates and expands business projects and E-learning through innovate solutions and plans.